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by Sandy

In this tutorial we’ll cover php 7.3 installation manually via commands on CWP server, it is pretty easy to build the php from source which will drastically increase the performance and stability. To build from source/manually you need to follow this tutorial step by step to achieve php 7.3 version installation. PHP 7.3 required addition configs like libzip please follow the tutorial step by step (don’t miss any)

PHP 5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2https://www.mysterydata.com/how-to-install-build-php-5-6-7-0-7-1-7-2-manually-on-cwp-centos-web-panel/

Step 1

Install the dependencies :

yum -y install gcc make gcc-c++ cpp kernel-headers.x86_64 libxml2-devel openssl-devel bzip2-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel freetype-devel openldap-devel postgresql-devel aspell-devel net-snmp-devel libxslt-devel libc-client-devel icu libicu libicu-devel gmp-devel curl-devel libmcrypt-devel pcre-devel sqlite-devel db4-devel enchant-devel libXpm-devel mysql-devel readline-devel libedit-devel recode-devel libtidy-devel libtool-ltdl-devel

Step 2

Install EPEL :

yum install epel-releaseThen install some more dependencies and remove the libzip package :

rpm -e --nodeps libzip yum -y install cmake3 cmake zlib-devel --enablerepo=epelInstalling Latest version Libzip from source :

cd /usr/local/src rm -rf libzip* wget https://libzip.org/download/libzip-1.5.1.tar.gz tar zxvf libzip* cd libzip* mkdir build cd build /usr/bin/cmake3 .. make && make install

Step 3

Installing php 7.3:

rm -rf /usr/local/php-7-3 mkdir -p /usr/local/php-7-3 cd /usr/local/php-7-3 wget http://php.net/distributions/php-7.3.0.tar.gz tar zxvf php-7.3.0.tar.gz cd php-7.3.0 ./configure --with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php --with-config-file-scan-dir=/usr/local/php/php.d --with-zlib=/usr --enable-mbstring --enable-zip --enable-bcmath --enable-pcntl --enable-ftp --enable-exif --enable-calendar --enable-sysvmsg --enable-sysvsem --enable-sysvshm --enable-wddx --with-tidy --with-curl --with-iconv --with-gmp --with-pspell --with-gd --with-jpeg-dir=/usr --with-freetype-dir=/usr --with-png-dir=/usr --enable-gd-jis-conv --with-zlib-dir=/usr --with-xpm-dir=/usr --with-openssl --with-pdo-mysql=/usr --with-gettext=/usr --with-bz2=/usr --with-mysqli --enable-soap --enable-phar --with-xsl --with-xmlrpc --with-kerberos --enable-posix --enable-sockets --with-pcre-regex --with-libdir=lib64 --with-mysql-sock=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock --enable-shmop --enable-intl --with-icu-dir=/usr --with-imap --with-imap-ssl --with-litespeed --with-pgsql=/usr/lib64/pgsql --with-pdo-pgsql make && make install

Step 4

Restart apache server and check php version via command :

service httpd restart php -vPlease note you don’t need to run every time STEP 1 and STEP 2 if you done it previously.




источник: https://www.mysterydata.com/how-to-install-build-php-7-3-manually-on-cwp-centos-web-panel/